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The Promise of Old-World Indian Elegance 

From handcrafted décor to high-end amenities and personalised concierge services, the exotic accommodations at Bombay Delice deliver a wholly unique travel experience that’s tailored to the needs of every patron.

In keeping with the themes established through our award-winning restaurant, the premium suites at Bombay Delice were designed from the ground-up to evoke a sense of India’s vibrant history. The moment guests enter their rooms, they will be transported to a world that abounds with a diversity of colours and textures that will make you feel as if you have stepped foot inside the palatial residences of the Imperial Raj.

Each individual space incorporates interior elements that take inspiration from traditional art and craftsmanship. From the deep ochre yellow and burnished oranges that decorate the walls and floors to the intricately patterned furniture and beautiful fabrics, every aspect of these rooms was chosen to offer our international visitors an authentic image of India’s deep cultural heritage. To experience this rare atmosphere in the very heart of Europe’s most cosmopolitan city is a rare promise that our entire team works to bring to life.

Your Comfort and Convenience Are Always Assured 

Our focus on aesthetics and style has not come at the comfort of quality. The suites at Bombay Delice have been furnished with a range of premium facilities that will ensure your satisfaction throughout the duration of your stay.

Guests can enjoy full use of:
  • A flat screen television.
  • A fully-stocked fridge that we can outfit according to your dietary preferences
  • A pump-driven espresso machine that you can use to brew a variety of delicious caffeinated beverages. Each device comes equipped with a supply of premium Swiss chocolate to add a touch of extra decadence to your daily dose of caffeine.
  • Spacious handcrafted cupboards and wardrobes.
Whether you plan on a quick overnight stopover, or a summer-long visit to Switzerland, our rooms offer all the indulgences of any leading luxury hotel in an opulent setting that is difficult to find anywhere else.
Daily BreakfastEvery morning, guests will be treated to a Bombay-style breakfast buffet prepared by our world-class chefs. The eclectic menu covers a slew of traditional staples and some playful new twists on classical Swiss cuisine. Enjoy Indian-style scrambled eggs and spices omelettes alongside crispy parathas and halwa chana puris. Delight your sense with a classic Bombay sandwich and introduce yourself to handvo a delicious lentil and vegetable cake that you won’t be able to put down. For desert you will find a selection sweet treats including: gulab jamuns, chilled mango yoghurts and freshly cut fruit. Each breakfast menu comes complete with an array of carefully curated teas and freshly squeezed juices.

Ayurvedic Massage 

For thousands of years Ayurvedic practitioners have used their age-old knowledge of physiological energy and pressure points to bring nourishment and relief to the cells, tissues and muscles of the body. Today, we offer this ancient therapy to our guests at Bombay Delice. Take advantage of a full-body Ayurvedic massage session that incorporates herb-infused oils to bring much needed replenishment and alignment to the body’s channels and systems.