ÜBER UNS – Bombay Delice

The Story of Bombay Delice

Throughout the world, Bombay cooking is lauded for its vibrancy, diversity and unmatched taste. From fragrantly spiced biryani, to creamy fish curries and crispy naan, we cook food that can please the senses and satisfy the stomach. Today, we want to bring these proud gastronomic traditions to our adopted homeland, Switzerland. For many years, we have searched for the chance to bring together the beautiful cultures of these two countries, and with Bombay Delice we finally found the perfect opportunity. 

Located in the Canton of Bern and few minutes from neuchatel , Bombay Cuisine seeks to fuse the farm-fresh staples that characterize classic Swiss Cuisine, with the eclectic blend of spices and flavours that informed our upbringing. Whether our chefs are offering up a masala-infused play on traditional style food, or we’re adding locally sourced alter Schweitzer to our very own palak paneer, we’re always working to innovate and find new ways to excite our customers.